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Live in Croydon

Good evening all!

You may already know that I am planning a gig in my home town of Croydon, South London. I’ve been playing with this idea for some time, the number of great musicians and composers who I’ve met through twitter, or just interacted with online, is one of the great pleasures of social media for me, and I wanted to be able to help share some of their music. A month or two ago, I realised that I was now in a position to at least try to do this. The result is a concert on Saturday 3rd of August, which I have called A Whispered Shout. For some years I have had the phrase “sometimes a whisper is louder than a shout” in my head. I am not entirely sure where it comes from. (It’s a quote from something or other, I’m just not sure what!)

The venue is a wonderful cafe and co-working space which is also at the heart of Croydon’s art scene. I’m really excited to be performing there and think it’s exactly the kind of place to present an eclectic selection of contemporary musicking*, which is my aim. 

I’ll blog more about what I plan to play myself nearer the time, but here are some details of the fantastic performers who will be there. It’s awesome that they’ve all agreed to play, and I think each brings a passionate engagement with the making of new music and a dedication to their craft which will help create a special event. There’s a deliberate eclecticism in the music which will be presented, I hope to offer a selection which will provide something new for almost any listener!

Carya Amara

A project of Birmingham based electronic musician Kevin Busby, Carya Amara takes delight in variety and does not settle in one genre. It began in 1980, with performances since 1999.

Chrissie Caulfield

is a classically trained violinist who performs in both rock bands and orchestras. Her innovative solo works explore the compositional possibilities of amplification and effects.

Norah Lorway

is a live coding performer, composer and programmer. She creates complex and subtle works and has performed as part of BEAST, BiLE and BEER. She recently founded Xylem Records.

Lauren Redhead

is a composer and researcher interested in the aesthetics and sociology of music. She will be presenting a selection of contemporary classical works.

Stuart Russell

is a composer who works with electronics and conventional instrumentation. He uses computers to extend the possibilities of composition and create music of haunting beauty.

I hope it’s clear from all I have said that I think this will be a fantastic afternoon, a gig I would like to go to. There is a facebook event page which I’ll be keeping updated, if you’d like to invite people on their that would be especially helpful, the more people know about the event the better!

Tickets are currently available at a special low rate of £5, only these tickets will be at this price!

I hope to see as many of you as possible there :)

much love


*yes this is a real word

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Sounds for other people

This blog has been rather neglected of late. A winter working long hours in a cold warehouse has allowed time for musicking, but little to spare for writing about it. I hope to be posting here more in the coming months. This is an update of what I have been working on lately.

In the past my music has been driven by me from start to finish, it is a very personal pursuit which has only gradually become something I share with others. Thanks largely to twitter I now have connections with many wonderful musicians and composers who I would not have met otherwise. This led to the two gigs I played at the end of last year (in Colchester and London). I am pleased to report that this year’s musical work has involved more collaboration and thinking about other people’s approaches to music and sound.

Many of my musical friends took part in the RPM2012 Challenge, to write and record an album in one month, February to be precise. I have toyed with the idea of doing this before, and may well in the future, but I don’t feel that output has really been a problem for me, and most of my releases have been done in a month or so. I don’t really feel it’s useful for me at this stage. I have, however, been involved in someone else’s.

UK-based Australian composer Caitlin Rowley issued a call for volunteers to commission and record new pieces for her RPM album. I was one of the people who stepped forward, and so was lucky enough to work with Caitlin on what became ‘I Want It To Kill People’, the seventh track of her album. It was a real pleasure to enter into another person’s approach to making a piece. She took my work with field-recordings as a starting point and created a tape part for me to play over, with a graphic score to guide my playing. This really helped focus my performance, especially as the piece is quite short and I’ve been working with longer forms lately. I’m really pleased with the result, and we hope to work together more in the future.

Meanwhile, I am working on a piece for a project for an audio-book version of Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet. Again, this is an opportunity that came to me through the wonders of the World Wide Web. SoundFjord, a gallery specialising in sound art, issued a call for musicians and sound artists to express an interest in contributing. Those who did so have all been given some text to work with, selections will be made after they have the submissions. I hadn’t come across the book before, and have enjoyed exploring it’s dark reflections on the emptiness of everyday life in Lisbon in the ‘twenties and ‘thirties. I also view this work as a collaboration, though of a very different nature. Trying to distill the atmosphere of even one section of a complex literary work into ten minutes of sound (and sound that can be spoken over) has proved quite a challenge. I’m not quite there yet, but pretty close. I’ll hopefully have something to post in the next few days.

Thanks for reading, I will blog again soon


video for one of the tracks for a charity release to help those affected by the UK riots. I’m one of those who contributed sounds. It will be available from Monday at

From the video description:

"SoundFjord, Audio Gourmet’s Harry Towell (Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) have come together to curate an album created ‘by the people, for the people’, to raise funds for those affected by the recent riots in the UK.
It was carefully put together after an appeal for short samples of sound, which resulted in the use of work from over 70 artists from around the world.
All profits raised will go towards assisting those that have lost their homes and livelihoods and to provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration via local community projects.”

List of contributors:

A Company of Enthusiasts
Alexander Wendt
Alexandra McGlynn
Andrew Riley
Anton Mobin
Chad Clark
Critical Best
Damian Valles
Daniel Thomas Freeman
Danny Clay
Darren McClure
Des Coulam
Eig Eigenheimer
Ekca Liena
Eric Boivin
Fari B
Foci’s Left
Gerry McDermott
The Inventors Of Aircraft
Isnaj Dui
James Andean
Jara Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun)
Jessica Rowland
Jez riley French
Joe Stevens
John DeMetrick
Jon Tipler
Juanjo Palacios
Julien Demoulin
Laurence Moxon Byrne
Lights Dim
Marco Lucchi
Marihiko Hara
Monolyth & Cobalt
Neil Russell
Paul Devens
Petri Kuljuntausta
Raul Fuentes
Riz Maslen
Robert Curgenven
Roderick Price
Sam Grinsell
Sarah Boothroyd
Sebastiane Hegarty
Seth Chrisman
Seth Guy
Sheinagh Anderson
Shintaro Aoki
Simon Whetham
Small Things On Sundays
Specta Ciera
Stephen Ferguson
Steve Roden
Stuart Towell
Szymon Kaliski
Thomas Leyland-Collins
Wil Bolton
Yukinori Kida

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