Some fine musicians, composers, and friends, as well as some places to find the gear I use.

Jenni Pinnock composer from London. Check out her excellent 'Whispered Silence' composition blog

Norah Lorway Canadian composer

Chrissie Caulfield violinist and composer

Michael Messer blues slide guitarist

Adam Fergler composer, no website yet so this link leads to his soundcloud

Wendell composer, this is a soundcloud too

Stuart Russell composer and sound artist

Carya Amara unorthodox electronic musician

Diamond Bottlenecks handmade glass guitar slides and tone bars

Tribotone a modern take on the guitar slide/tone bar

Reaper the Digital Audio Workstation I use

Newtone Strings handwound steel strings

Aquila Strings makers of nylon and gut strings

Hermann Guitars beautiful weissenborn style guitars, handmade in Italy